My name is Colleen and I'm a 50 something born and raised PEIslander now living just outside Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. My passions are family, food and travel.

I married in the summer of 2011 for the first (and only) time to a man who must be perfect (say those who think I sure took my time to find him). I never had children but Brian came with three daughters well on the road to making their own way in the world. I work full time, he is retired from the Navy.

Our property borders a sheltered sea cove, which gives us plenty of pleasure watching the tides and wildlife that passes by. We enjoy gardening and have lots of flower and vegetable gardens, even a strawberry patch and huge patch of wild blackberries. Ergo, we tend to spend a bit of time in the Fall jarring pickles, jam, jelly and preserves.

I did a fair bit of solo travel in my 40's and since meeting my husband, our travel consists mainly of vacations, playcations and staycations. We enjoy cruises, all inclusive resorts and sometimes just heading in to Downtown Halifax to enjoy a weekend in the city and all the good things it has to offer.

I like to experiment in the kitchen, take pictures of the results and then Tweet and post about it. I'm a Food Network addict, have a great collection of cookbooks and Google for recipes. I usually find I'm adjusting recipes according to ingredients we may or may not have on hand and reducing to two servings.

Relatively new to social media, I decided blogging is the ultimate way to share some of my favourite things, recipes and observations I've made on the way to getting here.