Sunday, 3 February 2013

Halifax Staycation Continued

We kicked off our evening in Halifax with dinner in the Delta Barrington's new restaurant Tempo Food+Drink.

Last weekend was our second dinner at Tempo, our previous visit we both ordered the Wholly Cow, this time we switched it up. B ordered the Chef's Special of Oulton's Smoked Pork Chop in pig (bacon) gravy with roast corn and fries (he had them switch those for roasted fingerling potatoes). I had just one bite of the pork chop and POW, real smokey goodness with that bacon gravy. I may just be ordering it on our next visit.

I chose the Tagliatelle, a pasta smothered in roasted chicken, parmesan cream, tomatoes, pine nuts, spinach, olives and pancetta. Let me recount the sensations going on in that dish, the moist, tender chicken; creamy, rich parmesan cream; crunchy pine nuts; salty olives and crispy pancetta. Loved it but couldn't finish it, well except for a bit of pasta.

Almost forgot about the bread basket that came out first, a bit of gluten free deep fried rice paper, not much flavour except for the oil but an interesting texture. Also included is a couple pieces of baguette.

Alas, once again, no room for dessert.  I guess I'm going to have to come back and order up the Carrot Crunch dessert on it's own.  Our server said they were going to switch up the menu soon.  After three months in business I would assume they have a sense of what's working and what's not.  Just hoping they don't take a way the smoked pork chop or carrot crunch before I've had a chance to order them.

After supper we took a stroll through the pedways to the casino. On Friday & Saturday nights they open up the Games Room. There they have several Blackjack tables with a $5 minimum a hand as well as a number of slot machines. At some point in the evening a DJ plays pop music at a high decibel level. My guess is that the Games Room is marketed to a younger crowd but we like it because we can play blackjack for the evening without fear of losing much and occasionally coming out ahead. Out in the main room, you'll find various table games, and plenty of slot machines. Just off the main room are the poker tables, high stakes slots and high roller tables. It can be a bit intimidating your first time in but most dealers are friendly and helpful so it won't be long before you get comfortable. Also just off the main room is the Harbourfront lounge, this night Charlie A'court was playing but plenty of local bands play here.

Warnings about knowing your limits and dealing with gambling addictions are posted everywhere. I imagine they are bound by law to have this information available but it really is important to know your limits. Keep in mind that other than the poker tables, every game is in the house's favour. This night we walked away ahead of the game. It doesn't always work out that way but I'm sure they aren't making big money off of us.

The next morning my phone had died and I forgot my charger. Not really a bad thing but wasn't able to take many pictures for the rest of the staycation.  We had brunch at Tempo, served til 4:30 p.m. B had the meaty platter, or as they called it the "Hot Tempo", ham, sausage and bacon with scrambled eggs, toast and hashbrowns. I had a lighter fare with Egg in the Hole, or as we used to call it Toad in the Hole, an egg fried in a hole made in the bread. This was topped with bacon jam. All very tasty.

Then it was off to the Rainmen game. This was our first time to a basketball game and we were pleasantly surprised at what a great time it was.They really put on a show. It's a fast paced game with some entertainment thrown in. The Weather Girls cheer team have a dance or two and are on the sideline throughout the game. We are not hockey fans (I know, terrible Canadians), this is a great alternative, relatively cheap family afternoon or evening out, a little warmer and little less physical then a hockey game. Now that we've been once, we are definitely going to return.

And so ended another perfect date night staycation.  Anyone have suggestions for the next?