Saturday, 2 February 2013

Halifax Staycation

Last post I mentioned we started doing overnight stays in Halifax for some of our date nights, it was kind of a process how that came about. 

I started creeping Groupon & Team Buy coupons to find good deals for hotel stays. If we get a good enough deal it's cheaper then a taxi out and back. We stayed at many of the downtown hotels and even had a weekend at the Atlantica Oak Island on a coupon.

Last year I was looking for a deal for B's birthday weekend and found one at the Deltas in Halifax. The Deltas offer a stay and play package in conjunction with the casino which is a good value. I signed up for the Delta emails but following the twitter feed as led me to some exceptional deals. 

As a side note, there are those who could take a page from the Delta Social Media Manager's book. Some businesses will create a twitter account, slap up a Facebook page or add an email to their website and then never engage people ever after. Nothing makes me lose interest faster then sending a tweet or email to a business never to receive a reply.  

Suite at the Delta Barrington
It may have been social media that hooked me into the Delta but it was the rest of the package that keeps us coming back. The Delta Barrington is one of the older hotels in the city and some parts may be showing age but it's always very clean and well maintained. A major reno has started. This Fall the beautiful, spacious  lobby as well as a restaurant, Tempo were finished.

The location is perfect for getting to most downtown locations. There are pedways that connect the Deltas from the casino on the waterfront up to the Metro Centre where many events and conferences take place.

Kudos to the management, the staff embody the best of customer service, always a warm east coast welcome, feels like coming home every time.

Barrington Street has many restaurants and shops from the Deltas to the Seaport Farmer's Market, enough to make a day of going from one end to the other. Alternatively, a short walk down a couple of blocks will take you to the waterfront boardwalk, a more scenic route to the farmer's market, also filled with restaurants and shops.

Last weekend our date night staycation included a tasty dinner at Tempo, an enjoyable evening at the casino, Sunday brunch back at Tempo and then up the hill to a basketball game, Halifax Rainmen vs my hometown team, Summerside Storm.

I tell you more on that next post.

What are some of your favourite things to do for "date night"?

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