Saturday, 12 January 2013


Welcome 2013, a new year, a new blog.

I can’t remember the last time I made a New Year’s resolution. New Year’s Eve is kind of a non-event for me. Having spent many a New Year’s Eve single, most were spent on my own, with family or a few friends. Now that I’m married, that hasn’t changed a whole lot, except the “on my own” part.  I can never seem to justify paying the jacked up prices many places charge.  We’ll get some Chinese food and either rent or go to a movie.  Until recently, I never knew that was a Maritime thing, Chinese food on New Year’s Eve I mean. Is it? 

Rather than making resolutions at the beginning of each new year, I use my own timeline and life changing moments to gather the resolve to make them. For example, at 40, having spent 10 years in a travel desert, I resolved to not wait to meet someone with whom I could travel the world. So I started my solo travels with the biggest trip on my bucket list, Australia. 

In July 2005, after a night in emerg hooked up to heart monitors, I resolved to quit smoking and haven’t had even a puff since. 

Last year, I resolved to lose weight for my wedding so I could recognize myself in my wedding photos. I did lose 30 pounds before the big day following Weight Watchers Online, alas about 20 of them have crept back on since then.  My aging body is really feeling the effects of the extra weight so there will be a re-affirmation of that resolution coming soon.

There have many other resolutions, or goals I’ve made and I may or may not share them here. After saying all of that, this year I did make a New Year’s resolution - to start blogging.  I have been toying with the idea for some time now. I’m not sure what it was that gave me the nudge to carry through with the idea. I’ve always had a love of words, love reading them, love writing them. I even got a diploma in Journalism and while I never did work in the field directly, I have drawn on the skills I learned in the varied jobs I’ve held over the years.  

At onetime I fancied I’d write a great novel or even a daily journal, neither of those came to fruition. I’ve been using the internet since I got my first home computer back in 1997 and not until the last few years have I caught up with social media in its current forms.  First I caved and created a Facebook profile, though it was a couple years before I checked it more than annually.  Then it was Twitter.  Then I noticed this blogging thing.

It seems just about every blogger I’ve come across starts their Bio with “Mom”. Now don't get me wrong, I love moms, where would we be without them? Technically I'm a step mom but really, my husband's three adult daughers have a perfectly good mom so I consider my relationship with them as their father's wife. I just try to offer some objective advice and support when asked. 

Some of what moms are blogging about is pertinent to me but there’s a lot of stuff that isn’t.  I went in search of non mom blogs and didn’t find many, but how do you search for such a thing?  I'll likely be blogging about some of the same things as moms, cooking, baking, crafts, opinions and reviews, just from a different perspective. I hope I can offer a somewhat unique voice and somebody will want to read my words.

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