Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Date Night

Back in my single days I worked with a women who told me she and her husband had "Date Nights". After 20 + years of marriage and the children out of the house they felt it was time to get back into dating, each other of course. The premise was that each would take turns planning a once a month date for the pair of them.

Even though B and I are technically still newlyweds, I find it's easy to get into a groove and forget those special evenings together so I proposed we start having date night. It doesn't have to be a fancy, can be as simple as having a nice romantic dinner at home or a concert or a play or dinner and a movie. Anything that has us turning off the TV and computers for the evening and spending some quality couple time.

Share a platter at Boneheads BBQ
Halifax and Dartmouth have so many options when it comes to a night out on the town, even at our age. There are many great restaurants on both sides of the harbour. Every price point and a variety of flavours from locally sourced to the exotic make it easy to find a place for a dinner date. Dinner and a movie is pretty standard but switching things up keeps it “new”. And nowhere is it stated it must be at night, a Saturday or Sunday afternoon can be equally as enjoyable.

Take a walk along the waterfront on a summer day

Halifax/Dartmouth has so much to offer. There's plenty of live entertainment to choose from, local bands to big name entertainers in concert, live theatre, comedy clubs or the Halifax Comedy Fest. Sporting events, skating on the oval, visit a museum or go geocaching. Take a stroll along the waterfront or in Point Pleasant Park. Sit and watch the boats sail by and hold hands. Pretend your a tourist for a day in your own city. Volunteer together for one of many events hosted locally.

Not that I want to encourage gambling but we do enjoy an evening at the casino once in awhile. We view it as a form of entertainment, decide on what we want to spend and once it's gone move on. Of course it's always nice when you come out ahead but we never count on it. We've attended concerts at the casino as well as enjoyed some local bands in the Harbourfront Lounge.

We don't live on a transit route hence going out pretty well requires driving everywhere we want to go, ergo one of us has to be designated driver. That kind of sucks after awhile. I mean it's nice to be able to enjoy a bottle of wine with dinner every now and then. For that reason our date nights sometimes turn into overnight staycations.

Next post I'll tell you about our downtown Halifax home and most recent date night staycation.

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